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DAMM Environmental is the Leading Independent Drainage and Environmental Company in Scotland.

CCTV Pipeline Inspection

CCTV Pipeline Inspection is the most efficient, safe and cost effective way to survey drains and sewers. At DAMM Environmental we are proud to be at the forefront of the field by using the latest in advanced CCTV pipeline technology.

We are able to survey multi diameter pipes, ducts, tanks, drains and sewers from 50mm up to 2000mm using high-specification, remote-controlled cameras and software. This technology enables us to inspect the full 360 degrees of the pipeline.


During the survey, live footage is relayed to our mobile team of fully trained operators, and along with our experienced onsite engineers, they can immediately assess the structural condition and integrity of the pipe.

Using advanced sonar systems, our equipment can map drainage systems and even assess the extent of blockages. This makes our CCTV pipeline inspection service the perfect solution for not only drains, pipelines, and ducts but for other hard to access spaces.

We provide a full report and complete recording to demonstrate any current defects and potential future issues. This is offered alongside our suggested solutions and accurate quotes to allow for quick decisions and fast repairs. The accuracy of the equipment allows us to pinpoint the problem areas and target only those, leaving the rest of your property undisturbed.

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